Friday, April 1, 2011

Breaking the Silence

The sun rises in the east;
As the sweet scent of the morning breeze kisses everyone's lips
Stories are told, but the vast lands of countryside has no voice,
Nothing you can hear, no more.

The birds are flying.
Boars are wand'ring;
Looking for food - captivating and mouth watering.
No voice, all in complete silence.

The city sleeps,
unusual day, unusual moment
Far from previous days;
Totally different.

Kids are hungry crying,
Homeless has no direction.
Victims of injustice are sealed;
Culprits in denial.

But you can hear nothing
No one says anything
No Voice;
All in complete silence.

With dignity a kid stood up
Life's realities were expressed
Everything was told
The hours stopped, his voice's echoed.

The boy awakened the silent voices,
Those who were mute and asleep.
Breaking their Silence,
It's unsual day, unusual  from previous days; totally different.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, the boy who put an end to the silence, is the same kid who hungers for that unusual day when the sun rises in the east, once more.

(Just a thought... It's a beautiful poetic perspective.)

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