Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Fight And Aspirations

The very minute we talk about life, we mean meeting people. In politics in means interaction among groups of people, or shall we say good interaction of one with the greater number of people to attain the greatest glory in the political arena. Almost tree years ago when I graduated from a baccalaureate degree with specialization in the study of politics I was very eager to pursue a new dimension of life as I am about to join the world of promising young men that will be responsible in shaping the would be better Philippines.

Life is indeed a roller coaster and full of directions that we need to follow, we must think the consequences of the steps that we are about to take. And to eradicate all the “what if's” in my mind, I dare to take a track to follow. Planning is really essential for me.. and in every planning there is always a plan A and plan B (maybe a plan C will also work for you). I took up the Law School Admission Test in one of the law schools in this highly urbanized southern city, and eventually enrolled myself, and after two years of memorizing those letters encrypted in codes and R.A's, I decided to try my plan B, compromising to myself that once the plan B will soon be realized plan A shall be given limelight and should be done no matter what. Going back to the so-called “Plan B,” I inquired about this program, and at that very moment took the qualifying exam and undergone an interview; Reason why this article was also submitted in the CAS-Graduate School Publication- “the Pinnacle”, written by no one else, but me..I enrolled in the Master in Public Governance Degree of the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate School of West Visayas State University.

As any other young men with vibrant aspirations to the future of this country that many said to be worth dying for, we need trained men and women to run the governmental processes with at most diligence as a good father of the family, and adhere to the basic yet sacred principle that a public service is a public trust. Moreover, in the course of fulfilling this dream, a revolutionary mind shall act in order to defer the acts of negative manipulation and the use of other people for name and glory sake. Remember, the necessity for the triumph of evil is when good men do nothing.

The advocacy for change is everybody's word of the mouth, but if we keep on talking without doing anything, it will always remain as the favorite topic in coffee shops, and all corners wherever there is a political discussion. We need to translate our vision into reality, vision with action can definitely change the world. But reality bites. As long as there are corrupted minds (wanting more power, wealth and influence) still existing, and we have not totally washed them out from the map or may be out-numbered them, the status quo will remain.

This is the fact, and I must say this, older generations are very much involve in educating my generation to do this and that, saying what are the best practices to take in the improvement of the country for the greater good of the greater number, but present situation we are experiencing is not an output of my generation, it is the output of their generation. Have they follow their strategies before, there could be change even if its just an inch difference from the past. The formulation of the success of tomorrow lies in my generation, and the conceptualization must come from us, because it is our tomorrow that depends on the present. The output of the older generation will be a reflection to consider in the the conceptualization of new sets of theories, steps and strategies in the preparation of our future. The youth of today shall be freed from the controls of anybody, the opportunity for them is waiting. Give to the youth what is for the youth (not just the selected task).

The 2010 National and Local elections is nearer, the future of our national development will depend on the kind of leaders that we want to handle the jobs in the government. Our progress and downfall will start at the tip of your pen as you shade (if automation will truly be realized) or write (if manual poll will still be used) at the ballot.

The fight continues, wherever you are at in the political spectrum; if you think of a better Philippines the common denominator is good, effective and efficient delivery of public service to the sovereign Filipino people.


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