Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hail ye my generation!

Hail ye my generation!
Born thinkers of freedom.

In the fast changing pace of society;
We dare to achieve equality,
In voice, position and quest for liberty.
To achieve a balance and participative community.

Hail ye my generation!
Born activists.

Managed to cross the borders of societal limits;
Criticized by moralists.
We believed into rational actions
Better than hypocrites.

Hail ye my generation!
Born to rational decisions.

We hate to follow unreasonable justifications;
Much more those having instant decisions.
We love courage to do beyond the usual things,
Others do not, therefore, we're daring.

Hail ye my generation!
Born bold and wild.

We raise our middle fingers those pretenders of righteousness; believers of ungrounded ethics; faithfuls of unfounded beliefs.


Anonymous said...

you've nailed down GenY to a tee :D...particualrly the last stanza...albeit provocative, in reality that's what most of us feel like doing when faced with frustrating events/people/ideas, etc. :D

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