Friday, February 12, 2010

Abnormality Concept

(misconception saga continues...)
part 2 of the many

(My blood pressure did not rise up, but I have my adrenaline rush)

We are born in the world where living individuals are grouped, classified, and segregated according to the concept designed by majority of men. There are rules and norms identified to be the best practices for a man to follow and to be called an ideal person, which I found so-good-to-be-true. What are the basis of identifying good practices from bad anyway? All I know is, as long as you are not stepping into the other person's feet, or you know the boundaries of your right (like as you sway your hands; the freedom to sway those hands ends at the tip of the other person's nose) you are good.

This is the simplest form of goodness I know, in fact the Golden rule is patterned from this concept (whether you believe me or not, I'll stay with this faith). Men in its very nature are keen to notice the mistakes committed by others. I believe walking on a different path is a great adventure to carry, and taking the risk to cross the boarders which anybody never tried to, can never be wrong, it's daring.

Abnormality is described as an unusual event which man expected to happen; It is also an extra or lack of a particular parts of the person, whether external or internal; It is an unusual action and approach a person is applying on things and undertakings he makes, different from what the majority considers as the standards of applications in life. These “standards” are often the cause of all complications in life because the world today is over crowded with norms, and specially-designed policies to advance the campaign for the goodness of man. But man as a natural-born good individual do not need these complicated standards to remain good in his present state. The golden rule is very simple; all we need is to observe and religiously apply it in our lives.

Basing from the definition of abnormality, a man can either be normal or abnormal depending on which part of the spectrum he belongs. If he belongs to the other end, he is normal in the eyes and perception of his group, but he's abnormal in the views of the other camp, and vice versa. A person can never have a constant perception from people around him. He can never claim that he is like this and can never be like that. A reminder to everyone who believes that he is righteous and what he does are only the good ones.

We should further realize that we are not exactly the same as any other human beings. We may be have similarities, but we differ in the totality of our being. We may be in the same group at a particular area, but in some aspects we may also be located in a different field of classification. Thus, it is safe to say that Abnormality should not be used for classification of every creation, rather a positive description; that every person has its own life to build, and that whatever he wants to do with it, it is his discretion until he steps at your feet where your discretionary power is impaired (this time you need to act for yourself).


Anonymous said...

If only every man has the courage and wisdom to stand for his own self. That time will come though.

Thanks for your thoughts and wisdom.

Today's Youth said...

Thanks also for giving a time reading my posts, it makes me wanting to do more write ups. ;)

Tada... said...

Your knowledge of the subject appears to be solid. :-)

Every human being possesses the potential to be great by utilizing all his positive faculties, and with the help of his significant others. Suffice it to say, he definitely cannot do it alone.

Readers, like me, will be glad if you do continue making write-ups like this.

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